I'm Becki Butterfield, the one woman show behind b.butterfield metalworks. I am a metalsmith, lapidary artist, and gem and mineral enthusiast. I'm based at the bottom of the Big Horn Mountains in WYO where I am equally awed and inspired. It's rough, wild, and stunning. The wild and rugged are represented in my jewelry. My intention is to never take away from a stone's beauty, but rather showcase the rugged in an elevated and sophisticated statement piece. Leaving her wild, but polishing her up for any event she desires to attend. 

My need to create has been with me as long as I can remember. Manifesting in many avenues before I was able to sink my teeth into becoming a metalsmith. I've fallen in love with the slow craft. The forged metal intentionally and soulfully shaped by my two hands and infused with a bit of my soul in each piece.